I absolutely love making learning as fun as possible, so whenever I can include some sort of learning board game into my curriculum, I will. The following games are just a few that I really enjoy using!

Great Games For The Overhead: Math
Great Games For The Overhead: Math – This is such a fun way to include the entire class into various math games. This book comes with fun overhead transparencies and printables for the children to use during the game. SO much fun!

30 Wonderful Word Family Games – This book has a lot of fun games to play with students with teaching word families!

Great Games for the Overhead: Reading – Here’s another fun overhead game, except this one covers various reading skills at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade level. The book has overheads and printables for the students! Really engaging!

File-Folder Games for Math – Instant file folder games are always helpful, especially for centers. This book contains various Reading skills that are made into colorful file folder games.

These are fun Bingo games called “Wingo” that focus on phonics skills! I purchased mine at The Schoolbox.

If you need some “print and play” board games for various areas of the curriculum (elementary leveled), then visit the following website:


This site is really great! There is a long list of colored printable games that just need to be printed. There are also random game cards and wonderful teaching tools. These make great center ideas!

Hope this helps and HAVE FUN with your learning board games for elementary grades!

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  1. JohnKap Says:

    Nice website you have!

    I was wondering if you have ever tried http://www.kbteachers.com and used their resources? I am a new teacher and am thinking of joining…but can’t seem to find anyone who has yet? They seem failry new…what do you think?
    email me back? THXS!

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