“Sensing Fall”

To get your second grade students in the spirit for the season of fall/autumn, the following writing activity and craft usually is a lot of fun and it turns out really nice too! It’s definitely a colorful fall hallway display or bulletin board activity idea.

Begin the lesson by reading the following book to the class:

It’s Fall (Celebrate the Seasons)

After reading the book, make a list of the following senses on chart paper: see, hear, smell, touch, and taste.

Have the children close their eyes and pretend they are outside on a crisp, fall day. Let them tell you things to list things that they might see, hear, smell, touch, or taste. After completing the chart as a class, give them the following writing prompt (or one like it) and have them add a couple sentences of their own at the end:

Fall is a _________season. I like to ____________ and ______________during fall. Seeing _______________makes me think of fall. I hear __________ and ____________during this time of year. My favorite part about fall is ________________.

Once they’ve written their stories, glue the handwriting paper onto the bottom of a large sheet of construction paper. Give the children real leaves and white paper to create leaf rubbings. Glue the leaf rubbing to the top of the construction paper. Then, give each child fall di-cuts (rakes, tiny leaves, pumpkins, etc…) to decorate the remaining parts of the construction paper. Laminate these once they are finished, because they end up being a fall keepsake for parents!
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