To inspire your young writers to “think out of the box”, pass out sticky notes to each child in your classroom. Tell them to think of an adjective to describe the season of autumn. Collect all the sticky notes and make a large, visible list for the children to see.

Read the book Autumn by Steven Schnur to the class:

After the story, tell the students that they are going to act like the author of this book and write their own acrostics. Create a class example using the word “Fall” so they know exactly what to do. Then, let each child write their own acrostics using some of the adjectives they all listed. Here’s an example:

Apples are yummy on a stick!
Usually, my family rakes colorful leaves together.
The best part of fall is going to the pumpkin farm.
Under stars we toast marshmallows by the fire.
My mom puts a scarecrow in the yard.
Nuts, acorns, and pine needles are all over the place!

After they write their acrostics, they can type them on the computer onto seasonal paper or they can re-write on large paper and illustrate their ideas.
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