“Pumpkin Cluster Chart”

This is a great way to check the children’s oral comprehension skills and abilities to summarize details. It’s also a fun fall/autumn/Halloween activity!

Before reading the The Pumpkin Book by Gail Gibbons to the class, remind them that after hearing the story, they will be asked about what they remember. Also, remind them that they are going to have to remember specific details from the story to make a graphic organizer together.

Once the children have heard the story, ask them about four main parts of the story. (For example: growing a pumpkin, varieties of pumpkins, things to do with pumpkins, and so on) Make a large cluster chart on the board or on a sheet of chart paper using their ideas. Once completed, give each child a sheet of chart paper so they can create their own cluster chart. After that is completed, they can illustrate all of their ideas with drawings to match the ideas.
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