Making learning fun is essential in my classroom. I try to do all I can to actively engage the children in all areas of learning, math in particular. Along with manipulatives and other hands-on activities, I try to include math trivia and math games into my math curriculum. The following are just a few activities, ideas, and books that I feel are an awesome asset to teaching math!

My Teaching Ideas Apple 1. The Grapes of Math is a really cute math riddle book that helps to “stretch the minds” of young learners of math. Children are encouraged to use math skills, creativity, and common sense to figure out the solutions to these fun riddles! This really helps my students with critical thinking and problem solving skills.

My Teaching Ideas Apple 2. In 40 Fabulous Math Mysteries that Kids Can’t Resist, students are turning into little “math detectives”. They are given mathematical stories and scenarios in which they must solve problems that will help to build essential math skills. The children really enjoy doing these, especially in groups or with partners. I have paper magnifying glasses with the center laminated that I allow them to use just for fun during this activity!

My Teaching Ideas Apple 3. Math Puzzlers is a unique and entertaining way to involve students in the learning of skills such as multiplication, estimation, fractions and more! This book offers printables of math puzzles that the children use to learn about important math skills. The book also has extension activities. Very cute!

My Teaching Ideas Apple 4. I enjoy playing “Math Jeopardy” with my students. I just placed those little library card holders in rows onto a piece of bulletin board. I made 6 rows, with each row having 5 cards on it. I labeled each row with a different amount of points (my top row was worth 5 points and my bottom row was worth 50 points). I laminated it, then used an X-acto knife to slice open the pockets. Using small index cards, I make questions for whatever math skill we are working on. I vary the levels of difficulty (for point value and for leveled instruction). I split the children into teams or groups and we all just have a blast!

My Teaching Ideas Apple 5. “Smack It” is another fun game we play. I purchased a couple of those little “touch-lights” that many people use for lights in a closet to use for this math learning game. They make perfect little game show buttons. I just line the kids up into two rows, call out math problems, and the children buzz in when they know the answer!

My Teaching Ideas Apple 6. Wipe off boards are also a fun tool to use when doing math trivia and games. Just get small squares cut from your local home improvement store and give each child one along with a white-board marker and a paper towel. I call out problems or write problems out, the children copy them and work them out, they they hold up their white boards. Whoever gets it correct first, earns a treat!

My Teaching Ideas Apple 7. BINGO is always a fun tool to use when teaching math to students. Various BINGO games can be purchased (or made if you have lots of time on your hands) and the children never seem to tire of playing! My students actually see mathematical BINGO games as a treat….shhhh, don’t tell them they are actually learning!

This is one of those that you have to make, but it’s an inexpensive way to produce a few math games!

This is a good website that has a multitude of math Bingo games that can be purchased!

If you have other fun math sites for kids or other ways of making math fun please share them below!

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