Keeping and maintaining a constant schedule is of utmost importance! It will make life easier for you, the children, your co-workers, and even the parents of your students. I realize the first day (maybe two days) of school is hectic, so starting a routine is a bit difficult then. If you take anything at all from this post, take this: DO NOT start your school year off without a routine-DO NOT take more than a couple of days of “flying by the seat of your pants”. You will pay for it in the long run. Children, especially elementary aged children thrive off of routine. They feel more comfortable in your class because they know what’s coming next.

-It helps the perfectionists and or gifted students who have to always be on top of things.
-It helps the behavior-prone students because they have a sense of stability.
-It helps special needs children because they need consistency.
-It helps you with lesson planning (and it makes your day go by smoother and quicker!).
-It helps parents because they know when things are happening.
-It helps coworkers because sometimes you have to correlate your schedules, and on and on and on.

So, get in there and get that ball rolling! You’ll be glad you did in the long-run!

One Response to “Get Into Your Routine- FAST!”

  1. Chasity Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tips. I will begin my first year teaching in 2012. I very nervous for the first couples of day because I’m not quite sure how its going to go. At least now I know to have everything prepared so that everything will be organized and ready to go. Thank you so much!

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