In a second or third grade classroom, there are so many different ways to arrange the students’ desks- however, not all of these ways are very effective for learning and teaching. It is important to arrange your desks in a manner that the children can learn best based on their learning style, need, or due to behavior circumstance. In my years of experience, I’ve got it narrowed down to two arrangements that I alternate between that are the most effective for everyone involved.

The first arrangement is the one I always start the year off with…the typical groupings (pods) of 4 to 6 desks, depending on the number of students in my class. I begin solely by evening out boys and girls the in these groups to the best of my ability since I know nothing about the children. Once we’ve started school, I then start moving the students around based upon need. I usually try to give in a week or two (sometimes just a day or two for some children!) so as not to “rock the boat” too much for the children trying to get accustomed to my classroom. Once I learn more about the children, I then try to group the children like this: one high, one helpful, a couple average, and one low. This makes the groups very mixed in their strengths and needs and is successful for group learning.

The second arrangement I usually do a couple off different times during the school year…the U shape. I make the desks in the shape of a large U, then I place a table in the middle. This is great because I can easily monitor the childrens’ work by walking around the inside of the U. Partner work is still doable, but group work doesn’t work as well. The table in the middle is very useful for doing small group work, while still being close enough to help anyone else that might need it.

I usually try to change up my groupings every month or two…just to separate the children (sometimes they get a little TOO comfortable), place them in different spots around the room, and create needed change every once in awhile!

I hope this is helpful for you when arranging your students’ desks!!

4 Responses to “Desk Arrangement Ideas”

  1. Ambreen Says:

    These are some really wonerful ideas to get students seated. I particularly like the U shaped seating arrangement. Can’t wait to give it a try!

  2. Spencer Says:

    The U shaped seating is an interesting one. I haven’t tried it. That will probably be good for debates too.

  3. Spencer Says:

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  4. Melinda Hubble Says:

    I have used the U shape the last couple of years and it’s been very effective. :) I was glad to read it as your suggestion.

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